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Istrian stone houses Padna ® have risen from two old Istrian houses, which have been renovated, or better yet, they have been newly built from the foundations. This made each apartment unit an independent and self-sufficient Istrian house.

A traditional Istrian house is built from the local stone due to natural features and is not coated. Bridge elements on doors and windows are also made from stone. Roofs are made of brick tiles and are additionally weighted with stones because of the fierce winter winds. The cold bora wind on the one hand and the intense summer heat on the other are the reasons for relatively small windows, which are additionally protected by shutters.

A big and spacious kitchen with a central hearth used to be the most important space in an Istrian house. The traditional Istrian hearth in Padna can only be found at the so-called old house at Padna 27. In history at least, the kitchen was inherently linked with a chimney, which used to be a status symbol. The ingenuity and the prestige of its form were said to reflect the owner’s worth and wealth.

At first sight, one might even say that the Istrian architecture was boring and functional, but they would overlook the playfulness of the creative mind that is so openly revealed in every detail and at each step taken along the streets of old Šavrini villages like Padna and Koštabona and Pomjan and Gažon and Sveti Peter and Krkavče and ... and ... and ...







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