Where to find us?

Padna lies in the direct backcountry of the Slovenian Coast, in the heart of Slovenian Istria. It is located 115 km from Ljubljana (A1/H5/E751/11) and 32 km from Trieste (SS202/SS15/H5/E751/11). Koper, the biggest city at the Coast, is the starting point for roads leading to Padna.

Koper - Padna

In Koper, follow the direction for Šmarje, Poreč, Pula (border crossing Dragonja-SLO/CRO). After some ten kilometres, turn left into the hills at the ‘Padna’ sign (11/E751/11).

Alternative routes:

Lucija - Korte - Padna 

From Koper you can continue along the coastal road past Izola, Portorož and Lucija, and take a left just after a gas station, in the direction of the village Korte. From the village, you descend into a valley and take a right to the main road leading from Koper to the Dragonja border crossing. After a couple hundred metres you take a left into the hills at the ‘Padna’ sign (111/local-uncategorised/E751/11).

Portorož - Sečovlje - Dragonja - Padna

From Portorož and Lucija, you can take the route to the Sečovlje border crossing (SLO-CRO), where you take a left just before the border control along the local connection to the main Koper-Dragonja border crossing (SLO-CRO) road. Take a left at the crossroads and a right after some two kilometres at the ‘Padna’ sign (111/ local-uncategorised /E751/11).

*The apartment houses are located above an olive grove on the southern side of Padna.

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