A place where you can completely relax and retreat to the shelter of the Piran countryside

Istrian houses Padna

Istrian stone houses Padna ® have risen from two old Istrian houses, which have been renovated, or better yet, they have been newly built from the foundations. This made each apartment unit an independent and self-sufficient Istrian house.

Istrian houses

Each holiday house is an unique experience

Each holiday house is an independent unit with all the associated infrastructure based on the latest housing and information standards.

Istrian house 1
78 m2
Istrian house 2
105 m2
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We offer a pleasant, family atmosphere in the Istrian and Mediterranean style.

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Slovenian Istra is located on the north-eastern part of the Istrian peninsula, bordering on Italy in the north and Croatia in the south. The scenic Karst Edge separates it from the higher and rockier Karst in the inland and it flows out into the northern Adriatic Sea in the west.
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